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He provided me with excellent advice and always kept me informed. I got my license back with no provisions. I would recommend to friends and family.

Ken D. Johnson

He represented my son on a complex DUI charge and I was satisfied with the outcome. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

Robert Brooks

Austin DWI Attorney

If you are charged for DWI (driving while intoxicated), first thing you should do is to find a reputable DWI lawyer. Each individual case is unique and only a experienced and qualified attorney will be able to help you competently with the matters of the law and know how to handle evidences and witnesses for the best outcome.


Charged With A DWI in Austin?

The consequences of a DWI conviction can seriously affect your present and future way of life. If you’re found guilty:
- Loss of Driving Privileges
- Court Fines
- Jail Time
- Employment Troubles
- Contribute to your Deportation
- Required Community Service Work


We Are Here To Help

Defending a DWI charge can be very complicated. Our Austin DWI lawyer will work out your case that will sway the ruling in your favor. DWI defense is a cornerstone of our practice and we have the experience to formulate a strategy that works best for you and your situation. Contact us for legal representation against DWI allegations.