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It was my 2nd DWI offense. He represented me on my DWI case and stayed in contact and kept me updated on the progress of my case. All alcohol charges dismissed! Thanks for handling my case so aggressively.

Greg Thompson

He found mistakes made by the police and worked their case until they had nothing left. He saved me from having to deal with a probation before judgement. Thank you!

Daniel Alvarez

Houston DWI Attorney

Driving while Intoxicated (DWI) is a serious crime under the drunken driving laws. A conviction for DWI can carry penalties such as fines, mandatory jail time, community service orders and nearly always suspension of your driving license. If you were you convicted under a DWI offence, you should immediately contact a Houston DWI lawyer, who will properly guide you through the strict legal rules of DWI laws.

Charged With A DUI?

The consequences of a DWI conviction can seriously affect your present and future way of life. If you’re found guilty of a DWI, you can face:

- Loss of Driving Privileges
- Jail Time
- Court Fines
- Present and Future Employment Troubles
- Contribute to your Deportation
- Increased Insurance Rates


We Are Here To Help

Our experienced Houston DWI attorney has the knowledge to help guide you through the difficult process of dealing with a DWI offense. We specialize and are devoted solely to DWI defense and will do all our power to have your case dismissed and yourself acquitted of all charges. Our DWI defense lawyers stand strongly on the side of the rights of our clients who have been accused of driving while impaired.